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XO Kids Radio

​Intimate Alien and Rachel Archelaus

​Thursday Feb 8th at 2pm EST​​​​​


I am honored and excited to interview Intimate Alien and Multidimensional ​Being Rachel Archelaus Thursday Feb 8th at 2pm EST.We will hold a live Zoom call to give your the opportunity to ask Intimate Alien how XO kids are viewed in other dimensions.Sign up below to get the link for the call.

YES I want to come and play!

Rachel Archelaus experiences life as a multidimensional being. She has seen and interacted with the nonphysical world since her childhood and continues to have a rich experience of different beings, star systems, and energies. She is the founder of the Intuitive Art Academy which teaches people how to have a two-way conversation with their Higher Selves in an easy, creative way. Rachel is the co-host of Soulfullpreneur Radio and the host of the Intuitive Art Show. She has interviewed leading spiritual creatives such as Sonia Choquette, Kyle Cease, Robert Sheinfeld, Jim Self and Jonas Elrod.In 2008 she founded Sephyrus Press which publishes poetry and self help. Rachel’s newest book, Intuitive Art: How to Have a Two-Way Conversation with Your Higher Self, was released in May of ​last year.