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More and more “different” children are born every year.I  call them eXtra-Ordinary Kids, And if you’re here, I’m betting your child is one of them.

Your child has come to this planet with an upgraded operating system!

​XO Kids are sensitive, maybe even “extrasensory”

And while they may be labeled ADD, ADHD, ​High-Functioning, or a whole range of other diagnoses,

The truth is that these “different” kids, aren’t disabled or defective…


Your child is different for a reason!

They’re an XO kid!

“Everyone is a Genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” Albert Einstein

XO kids are different for a reason.  And it’s our job as parents to help them

This is a place for ​you parents to find the resources so that ​your XO Kids can grow up confident, happy, healthy and connected

​Society isn’t set up for XO kids. Not yet…

And all too often, they’re mislabeled, misunderstood, and mistreated.

Society is brutally cruel toward anyone who is different.

And as parents, we worry if we’re enough…

Normal is evolving so our thinking needs to evolve!

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Hi I’m Isabelle Giroday and it’s my job to help shift the paradigm about what is considered a normal kid.

That’s ​how the XO Kids project was born: To raise awareness about children that are “different” To provide the tools and information to help XO Kids thrive.

The challenge for our generation is to learn how to be the best possible parents to them because ​XO Kids cannot be parented the way ​we were parented.

It’s completely useless to think that you ‘re going to change them and make them normal because that’s not what they are here for.