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Sleep is so fundamental to all things health and healing (it’s literally the time our bodies do all the repair and regeneration work), and yet it can be a ​HUGE issue with XO kids and adults!


No screen time 2 hours before bedtime, and at least one hour if you can’t do otherwise. Why? Because the stimulus our brain receives both through content and through the blue light emitted by the screens tells the brain to stay awake…


After the sun goes down, we’re not supposed to be getting much of the blue spectrum. LEDs and CFLs are skewed very high on the blue spectrum. Now I’m not saying lit up the home with candles, but consider, if you can, having a few halogen lamps instead of all LED ones. And make sure that in your bedroom, it is pitch black.


Cooler temperatures at night tell your body it’s time to gear down and get a deep sleep so make sure the bedrooms are cooler. Recommendations vary, we try to keep them at 18°C/ F64°.


My sons’ hearing is so sensitive that he can differentiate between types of crickets when I can’t hear anything! When I realized this, I immediately set out to get proper earplugs for him to use when necessary. I have noticed that his sleep is of better quality when he has the ear plugs in, because he sleeps less and is more refreshed in the morning. Same goes with me, although I still can’t hear the crickets ????


There is a saying about how one should eat like a king at breakfast and like a pauper at night. However, XO kids and adults’ metabolisms can vary greatly so this only applies for half the family members. In any case, it’s best not to go to bed right after a meal, but to allow for an hour or two. Some of our kids manage to get hungry again, so they will sometimes ask for a warm glass of almond milk or soup before brushing their teeth. “Does the kitchen ever close?” asks my husband…


There are a lot of applications and recordings with sleep inducive music, sounds or circadian rhythm tracking. I have to be honest: all of them bother me within 5 minutes, even the simple sounds that induce the brain to go into theta. This really has to be a trial and error thing. My brain needs total silence.


EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are the invisible forces that surround us. EMFs are generated by home wiring, appliances, all things electrical, cell towers, cell phones and all wireless devices. These fields can considerably affect our sleep. Turn off all WIFI at night, this goes without saying. There are EMF kill switches now that you can use around the bed area. I haven’t tried yet, but am seriously considering the investment.

 Alright, now it’s your turn, what successful tactics and tips have worked for you?