There is no cookie-cutter child!

Hi, I'm Isabelle, soul scribe and truth seeker.

When I first realized one of my kids could be XO, I panicked.
How was he going to survive in a society that leaves no room for being different?

When I dove into all I could get my hands on about the subject,

I realized that not only were my 3 kids all XO's, but each one in a different, way!

One thing that struck me all along is that most of the information that I was learning was not mainstream, or at least not readily available. Yet many tools do not require medication, or diagnosis, or anything complicated. 

That's ​how the XO Kids project was born: 

To raise awareness about children that are “different”

To provide the tools and information to help XO Kids thrive

​So what do I do when I'm not busy with XO Kids?
​I help companies get their cause known using innovative PR strategies. 
​​I currently live in France with my family where ​I ​indulge in star gazing, walks by the Ocean and lots of cooking.  

​Ideas? Questions? Need advice? Connect with ​me here: