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Beautiful Willow Sleeping…

One day my step son came to our house and told us his mother had taken him to see his doctor and his doctor said he had symptoms of Asperger’s.  This was news to us and we had no idea what this even meant. He did not understand what that meant either. When I began to ask questions we did not find much for answers and felt like we had no idea what to do with our son.

He was even angry at the idea that he was labeled as having something wrong with him. I could tell he felt hurt and was eager to dismiss this new found label the doctor had given him.

What it really felt like to me is that the doctor just told him what was “wrong” and sent him on his merry way. No information, nothing to teach us how to help him and how to help him cope with this. We were lucky however to not get a prescription for medication.

He did struggle as a child and we naturally did our best to help him where we could but it just wasn’t enough. He had plenty of battles and struggles at home with his mother, at school and everything else he did.

The one thing I did notice was how comfortable and relaxed he was around the horses. He could mess about the barn all day cleaning things, helping us or holding a horse. He would often be off talking with the ponies and feeding them treats. He would go into the stall and just have a conversation with his favorite horse.

He was passionate about the horses, their care and helping us do whatever was needed to help out. The time in the barn was his escape from his home life and school life. He could just be himself and simply relax that not one horse was going to judge or control him. The barn was his place to just simply smile and have fun. He never had a meltdown when he was with the horses because he felt free in the barn to express him-self and just be.

It was truly a wonderful thing to watch him in his glory actually being so happy and content. He never wanted to leave the barn. Those horses loved him for who he was and he loved them back just the same. He got to feel what it was like to feel true freedom and be accepted 100%. He also was extremely sensitive to their needs and he always made sure we understood what the horses needed.

At the time, we just thought he was using his imagination to tell us what the horse needed but it was more than that. He was connecting to his own intuition to get that information. We did what he said even if we thought it was silly and it made him so happy when we listened to what he was telling us about the horse.

He was really patient with them and so lovely and kind. It was a gentleness I had not seen in him before.  It was quite remarkable to watch him bloom into this new kid when he was around the horses. They automatically calmed him down and he was completely centered while with them.

In his day to day life , he was afraid of this label. He was picked on so much by the other kids in school because he was different. They really didn’t understand him and even we struggled with that too. In the barn with the horses there was nothing to understand and there was no struggle.

We believe the reason he loved the horses so much was because horses live in the here and now and accept us for who we truly are. They show us our greatness when we can’t see it ourselves. They give us the space to discover ourselves in a safe and inviting way. They open us up to all the possibilities we just couldn’t see before. They are our teachers, best friends and our healers. They allow us to release our troubles to them, we pour our hearts out to them and they just get it. They understand us and our kids in a way that no one else does.

Horses are our freedom guide taking us on a journey to discover who we truly are and to find our truth. When we discover our truth, there is nothing that can take that away from us and we become who we are meant to be. We are free to live with an open heart and allow our intuition come out to play. There just are no more barriers to overcome.

Heather LynnCo-founder of Equine Energy Solutions and the EES Academy